roundup-bigI found a nice article by Lee Munroe on why a designer should not present more than one option to a client (and why a client should only want one!)

David Airey writes about the importance of color choice on his design blog.

Eye Candy! Dev Snippets has a list of the 10 most beautiful island photography on earth.

For all of my ‘Symmetry is best’ / ‘Asymmetry is best’ clients…dzineblog has a great discussion of both.

I do a lot of copywriting for my clients. for those who want to save money and do it themselves, there is a great article at Smashing Magazine on how to write product descriptions that sell.

Seriously? How did I not know this?! Google Dark!!

It’s a fine line to walk with clients and their love of wacky fonts. Maybe if I wore this t shirt from alfred fox.

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