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Ongoing Client Relationships

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Heading into the new year, I have to say that I’m especially grateful for my small band of merry and loyal clients. I build many websites, but once in a while I just really ‘click’ with a client – and that relationship becomes about much more than web design. Such is the case with my […]

change your web design with the seasons

Custom Seasonal Web Design

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Using Box 9 Design’s unique Design Management System (DMS) allows you to adjust, tweak, or downright re-design your website on the regular! One of my clients, Sienna, who is a personal service provider in Victoria, likes to change the look and feel of her website according to the season. The Box 9 Design DMS is […]

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Craigslist Is Not Open For Business

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I have been wrestling with Craigslist all week! There are some changes going on over there and I’m not loving it. Craigslist seems to be intent on remaining a ‘garage sale’ site. It’s purpose is to allow individuals to sell their used stuff through their site. They have never liked commercial businesses advertising there (or […]

Why Do You Need To Hire A Web Designer

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Graphic design is one of the important elements of web design. It generally conveys the message businesses want to sell to their visitors. It is important to hire a web designer who shares the vision of their client. The success of your website depends on how well a web designer translates the requirements of their […]

The Impact Of A Box 9 Design Website

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A good web designer must never circumvent the effects of a good visual design element. The website, being a visual ingredient in the web, is of immense vitality that necessitates a first-rate impact to its viewers. A visual relationship with the viewer is nurtured in every hit possible. The visual impact of a web design […]

The Importance of Visual Design in Web Development

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Since most websites function as advertisements and/or actual business mediums of various organizations, the appeal or the ability of online sites to attract the attention web visitors is essential. In order to do this, clients and web designers ought to properly collaborate in creating quality visual impact in websites. Here are some tips on how […]

Fusing Different Technology in Web Design

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Open source software has paved way for cheaper web design tools. There are different cutting edge technologies that Victoria web design can choose from. These tools would help designers and developers create a savvy looking and one of a kind web site. These tools would attract more visitors to the web site. There are imaging […]

Simple And Efficient Webiste Design

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Less is more, simplicity is beauty, being simple is the final achievement, and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication are amongst the countless quotes and sayings we bump into in our daily lives. All of which Box 9 Design can attest to. Anyone who has touched a computer undoubtedly had an encounter with the word flash […]