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  • Making a minute-by-minute itinerary for your weekend might sound like a great way to get the most out of your days off, but a recent study suggests that it actually makes everything you do less fun. Read more…

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  • The other day I received a text message from a prospective client. Normally, I am contacted by email or phone so right away this was unusual. Also, they led up-front with the fact that they were hearing impaired. This would explain why she texted instead of phoning, but did not explain [...]

  • Heading into the new year, I have to say that I’m especially grateful for my small band of merry and loyal clients. I build many websites, but once in a while I just really ‘click’ with a client – and that relationship becomes about much more than web design. Such [...]

  • Using Box 9 Design’s unique Design Management System (DMS) allows you to adjust, tweak, or downright re-design your website on the regular! One of my clients, Sienna, who is a personal service provider in Victoria, likes to change the look and feel of her website according to the season. The [...]

  • I have been wrestling with Craigslist all week! There are some changes going on over there and I’m not loving it. Craigslist seems to be intent on remaining a ‘garage sale’ site. It’s purpose is to allow individuals to sell their used stuff through their site. They have never liked [...]

  • Graphic design is one of the important elements of web design. It generally conveys the message businesses want to sell to their visitors. It is important to hire a web designer who shares the vision of their client. The success of your website depends on how well a web designer [...]






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Hi, I'm Paul Forster. I have been a business owner, marketer and communicator for many years. In fact, I became a web designer and online marketer as a result of frustrating experiences I had in the past when having a web site developed for my own business. As a result of the service I got, and the product I received, and the price I paid, I resolved to learn to build cutting edge websites and to provide the kind of customer service I found lacking in Victoria.

Box 9 Design is my freelance home based Web Design and Search Engine Marketing business. Serving small and medium sized businesses in Victoria and around Vancouver Island for more than 5 years now, I have managed to retain many customers throughout the entire history of my business. Having been a small business owner myself, I understand how difficult it is to make a decision about technical issues that you may know very little about. I walk my clients through every step of the design and build process so that you feel confident that your business or product is being accurately represented online.